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Annual Research Report collation and subsidisation processes

Publications are annually submitted online to:

The purpose of the DHET policy is to encourage research productivity by rewarding academic research outputs at public higher education institutes. However, the policy is not intended to measure all outputs, but to enhance productivity by recognising certain types of research output produced by higher education institutions. 

As a rule, (DHET Policy Guidelines, Higher Education Act, 1997 {Act No. 101 0f 1997}) research output emanating from commissioned research or contracts paid by contracting organizations will not be subsidised by DHET.

Commissioned Research is that which is funded and or paid by an external organization, such as World Health Organisation, UNESCO, World Bank, NGO etc.  This includes reports / annual reviews completed for such organizations, and also for organizations such as the CHE etc.

Research output is defined, as textual output where research is understood as original, systematic investigation undertaken in order to gain knowledge and understanding.  Peer evaluation of the research is a fundamental prerequisite of all recognised output.

All n-1 (for example if in year 2014, n-1 means 2013) research outputs must be loaded on the website.  Research outputs for n-2 not previously submitted may be considered for subsidy.  However, when submitting the hard copies to the research office (for n-2 publications) a reason for the late claim must accompany the hard copy of the publication.  This will be countersigned by the DVC: Research & Development or Director of Research.  This is an audit requirement.

The Online Data Capture for all research outputs is completed at: https://dmuapps.ru.ac.za/ws/research

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