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Research Contracts and Levies

Research grant applications

  1. Where possible, all proposals for funding to be administered by Rhodes should be sent to the Research Office for checking and authorization BEFORE submission to the potential funders. ALL applications for government funding (e.g. WRC, NRF, DWAF, DEAT, SANPAD etc) and other major applications MUST be forwarded to the Research Office before submission to the funders.
  2. Failure to have applications for funding authorized prior to submission could result in the University withholding its right to sign final contracts if funding is granted.

Administration/bench fees

  1. All externally funded research contracts administered by Rhodes are subject to a 10% admin/bench fee. Exceptions to this fee are RC grants, NRF grants (NOT contracts), and certain government-funded programmes. Please check with the Research Office or Mary Fike in Research Finance to ascertain which contracts are not subject to admin/bench fees before preparing budgets.
  2. Please note that grants eligible for THRIP funding will be charged an admin/bench fee for the INDUSTRY component but not the THRIP portion.
  3. Un-authorised applications (see 2 under research grant applications) for funding will still be eligible for a 10% admin/bench fee, even if this was not included in the original budget submitted to the funder.
  4. Where funders do not accept an admin fee as a separate budget item (e.g. WRC), this must be built into personnel and other contract budget items as an overhead or as a bench fee.
  5. The 10% admin/bench fee does not include any bench fees charged by departments/units – these must be separately budgeted.
  6. Budget items excluded from admin/bench fees are:
    Specified items of capital equipment
    Specified bursary funds
    Should funds so specified be converted to other budget items, the 10% admin/bench fee will be levied on the converted amount.

Contract Wording

Please see attachment below:

 Signatory page example

External Funds Levy

Please see attachment below:

Levy calculation

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