Windows Backup and Restore:

Windows Backup and Restore comes built into Windows for free and is easy to use when wanting to create backups.

It is very important to note when doing this type of backup that you have an External Hard Drive to do the backup to as it will not work if you do it to the same drive that your operating system is installed on.


Step 1 For Windows 7 Users:


Click on the Start Button bottom left then select Control Panel > Backup and Restore

See the Below Screenshot:


Step 1 For Windows 10 Users:

Right click on the start button bottom left then select control panel.

See Below Screenshot:



Then select Backup and Restore.

See below image:




Step 2:

On the Backup and Restore main page you will need to click on the "Set up backup" tab as indicated in the below screenshot:




Step 3:

You will notice that Backup and Restore will start searching for availalbe Backup Drives to do backups on.

As mentioned before it will not work if there are no External hard Drives connected as it needs to be done to some sort of external media.

Once if finds your External Backup Device it will continue and give you the option to select your backup device.

To continue with the Backup process click the next button as indicated in the below screenshot:




Step 4:

You will be presented with two options "Let Windows Choose" and "Let me Choose"

If you are unsure of what to backup select the options so that Windows can Choose.

I recommend you select the "Let me Choose" option as then you can select what needs to be backed up.

Select your prefered option and click next as indicated in the below screenshot:



Step 5:

Your next screen will present you with your files that you can select to backup.

Check all the required boxes of the files you want to backup and click next.

See below Screenshot:



Step 6:

Backup and Restore will give you a Review Windows where it shows you exacly where you are backing up to and what you have selected to backup.

If it is all correct you can click on the "Save settings and run backup" tab to start the backup process.

See below Screenshot:



Step 7:

Your backup will start and the progress will be shown. 

Once it has finished your backups will be done as spesified.

Last Modified: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:01:09 SAST