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Terms and Conditions

  • Student network services may only be used by currently registered students of Rhodes University.  Thus usage of student network services is subject to all applicable policies of the university, as published in the current year's calendar and policies list.  Particular attention is drawn to the Acceptable Use Policy and Student Disciplinary Code.
    • Non-compliance with those policies may result in suspension or termination of access to student network services.
    • Suspension of student registration or exclusion from the university for any other reason will result in termation of access to student network services.
  • As provided in the acceptable use policy, content hosted on the university's services or via the university's network services may be removed, should the university consider it illegal or if it has received a take-down notice concerning it.
  • Payment for off-campus network services:
    • The RUoffcampus Wi-Fi service can only be used in certain private accommodation complexes and requires payment to the Wi-Fi service provider operating in your complex.
    • In addition, payment of the Off-campus student network fee to the university is required.  This fee is listed in the student fees booklet (updated annually) will be charged to your student account.  All university rules concerning payment of student fees are applicable to this fee.



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