How do I give someone else access to my mailbox?

There are often occasions when you might want to give someone else access to one or more folders in your mailbox. For instance, department heads often want their secretaries to assist with answering their e-mail. In the same way, if you've got access to a shared mail folder for a functional e-mail address, you might want to alter who can see mail for that address. This document describes how to share access to folders. Each folder on the University's IMAP server has an access control list (ACL) associated with it. This list defines who can access the folder, and what they can do (read, delete, etc) with that access. By default, only the user who owns the folder has access to it. You can change the ACLs associated with any of your mail folders from any e-mail client that supports the Sieve protocol. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is using our webmail client.

Changing ACLs in Webmail

  1. Log into the RU Webmail client using your normal Rhodes username and password.
  2. Choose the Options menu item from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. Under Options, select Share Folders. This will take you to the ACL editor.
  4. You now need to select the folder whose permissions you wish to edit. There's a drop-down box on the right hand side that lists folders you have access to. Choose the one that you're interested in e.g. inbox, sent etc, and make sure the page title changes to mention Current access for whichever folder you chose.
  5. The page will now list people who already have access to the folder (this might only be you). You can edit existing users' access by selecting the radio box next to their username.
  6. If you want to add a new user who isn't listed, click the dropdown arrow in the "Grant Access to..." section. 
    If you're adding a new user, select their username in the dropdown box. Note that you must select their correct Rhodes username (the one they use to log in). Ask the person you're trying to add for their username if you do not know what it is.
  7. Select the rights you'd like the user to have by ticking the tick boxes next to their username. There are descriptions next to each right explaining what it does. Most importantly, if you give them "Administer" rights, they'll be able to re-share the folder to others.
    You can delete a user from the ACL by removing all their rights.
  8. Once you're finished click the Create (or Modify if you're editing a user) button to save your changes.

The person you've just given access to should now be able to see the shared folder in his or her mail client. Depending on how their client works, they may need to subscribe to the folder. A safe way to check is to get them to use the RU Webmail client as it always shows all folders.

Last Modified: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 09:21:48 SAST