Staff/Residence iPrint Printing - Apple Mac OS X

The University uses the centralized network printer configuration Novell iPrint for self service installation of printers on campus.

Instructions on how to install an iPrint Printer on Apple Mac OS X are as follows:

  1. Open a Web Browser, preferably Safari and go to (Staff and Departmental Printers) or (Residence and Student Printers) depending on which printer you want to install.
  2. Scroll down the list of printers and click on the one that applies to your physical location. If this is your first time you’ve installed a printer on iPrint or the client is not installed, you will be asked to install the iPrint Client. You should only need to install this once. Click OK to continue with the installation.
  3. This should download the file "iprint.dmg" into your Downloads folder. Open "iprint.dmg" by double-clicking on it to mount the package. Open/Double-Click "iPrint.pkg" to start the iPrint Client installation which will open a window resembling the following image...
  4. Click "Continue" and agree with the software license agreement...then click "Install".
  5. This should prompt for authentication to install the software on your computer. At this point you should authenticate with your OS X password (the same password you use to login to your Mac) as seen in the screenshot below...
  6. Once successfully installed, you should notice a Novell iPrint Client icon "red i" in the Windows System Tray (next to the time)
  7. Close your Safari browser completely by clicking "Safari" > "Quit Safari" in the File Menu and then re-open it again.
  8. In the address bar, again go to (Staff and Departmental Printers) or (Residence and Student Printers) depending on which printer you want to install.
  9. If this was not the first time installing an iPrint printer, you should now be at this step.
  10. Find your specific printer in the list and click on its name to start the printer installation. At this point you will be asked if you want to install it, click "Install".
  11. At this point if the iPrint Printer Installer wants to use your keychain information click "Deny".
  12. The installation will then prompt for your RU credentials i.e. staff/student username and password...
    (e.g. s160999 or g16x0999). If you do not know this password, staff can reset their password from this page; for Students, you can reset your password here
  13. After correctly authenticating, the installation will indicate if the printer has been installed succesfully or not.

All done, the printer will now be available for selection in your printer list when printing documents etc.

Last Modified: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 09:35:10 SAST