There are a number of different support options available to students making use of Student Networking.

house rep

House Reps

All University residences appoint a Student Networking house representative. The Student Networking house rep is often a member of the house committee and their primary role is to represent their house's interest in Student Networking. If you live in res, and your problem is reasonably simple (you can't get to the sign-up page for instance), you should try asking your house rep for help. They've often seen these sorts of problems before and might be able to give you a quick answer.

If you don't live in res, or your problem is complicated, you'd do better to try one of the other support channels listed below.

Student IT Help Desk

As part of the Student Networking service we offer a free, carry-in help desk service to students. The Student IT Help Desk is located on the ground floor of the Library (next to the circulation desks).

If you need help with Student Networking, take your computer down to the Student IT Help Desk and someone will help you. You don't need to bring your monitor, mouse, keyboard or cables — only the computer itself (if you have a notebook, bring your power adapter too!). Remember to ask Campus Protection or a friend to escort you if you're walking alone on campus at night.

The Student IT Help Desk is manned by student technicians who'll be there to help you at the following core times during University terms:

To be determined - initially the Library's normal opening times.

Please note that the Student IT Help Desk is closed during University vacations. It may also be closed during examination periods.



If you've got a really simple problem and you'd just like some advice on how to solve it yourself, you can get some help via email. All you need to do is get hold of and give them a detailed description of your problem.

Note that your e-mails will only be answered whilst the Student IT Help Desk is open (see above for their office hours).

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