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Student Research Supervisor
Christopher Albers  Waterfall Image Projection James Connan
Marq Botha The Parsing and Construction of a SMPTE-Compliant Bitstream  Prof Richard Foss
Miles Ellery  Object Detection and Recognition on WiFibot using Support Vector Machines Prof Karen Bradshaw
Luke Gird Using an Experimental Drone Swarm to Create Practical Swarm Intelligence  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Brandon Haschick  The Development of a Quasi Real-Time Water Pollutant Detection System for the Internet of Things (IoT) Dr Mos Tisetsi
Damon Hook An Open-Source Framework for Augmented Reality Sandpits James Connan
Sam Langton    
Kefentse Mfoloe Mobile Device Control over Immersive Sound and Lighting in a Night Club Context  Prof Richard Foss
Kennedy Mumera  An SDN Approach to Managing Small Scale VoIP Networks  Dr Mos Tisetsi
Shailin Naidoo Implementing Steganography in a Covert Messaging System Yusuf Motara
Yonela Pipile A Mobile Application to Support Land Allocation in Rural Areas under Traditional Leadership   Prof Alfredo Terzoli/
Dr Ingrid Siebörger
Matthew Roche Implementing Visualization in a Web Interface for the MD-TASK Software Suite  James Connan
Jose Sirba Game Design using Unity to enhance Player Experience  Prof Karen Bradshaw
Richard Slater  Bat Species Identification by Sound  James Connan
William Smale  Multi-camera Test Bed used to Control a Drone Indoors  James Connan
Josh Van Staden Minimising the Discrepancies between an Image Taken with a Radio Telescope and the Physical Source using Deconvolution   Prof Karen Bradshaw


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