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Links to other amazing organizations

Date Released : 02/03/2018

CSD is also working with other amazing organizations as well! Please take a look at what they are doing and also what they offer.

Students writing (22/02/18)

Date Released : 28/02/2018

The 2018 academic year started off on a positive note. The first contact session for the Eastern Cape cohort who are in their second year, was held from Monday, 8th to Friday, 12th January 2018 in the RU Education Department

Eyethu - CSD

Date Released : 20/09/2017

Eyethu is CSD’s recycling depot and is used to inspire our teachers to make resources for their classrooms and to do exciting activities with their learners.

St Mary's Toy Library Construction

Date Released : 24/01/2017

Monday 23 January 2017 the installation of the Wendy House Toy Library at St Mary’s started.

Site visit Website article

Date Released : 08/02/2017

At the beginning of February I had an opportunity of visiting three schools in and around Grahamstown as part of the ECD Level 4 qualification.

Thembsi's Quarterly ECD Report Back

Date Released : 12/07/2017

In this report, I am going to report briefly about the activities and experience that have took place during the term of 14 to 29 June 2017. This will include successes and challenges of the workshops, training and everything that I have been doing during this period.

BEd News

Date Released : 28/06/2017

The BEd Co-ordinator, Ms Jenny Hodgskiss, and the School Support Facilitator (SSF), Mrs Johanna Muroa, undertook a fieldtrip to the Northern Cape from 29th to 4th June 2017. The purpose of the trip was to observe and assess teaching practice, provide support and guidance in the classroom and present a district workshop to twenty-eight funded teachers who are registered for the third year of a Bachelor of Education (Part-time) Foundation Phase Degree at Rhodes University.

Eyethu Waste Room

Date Released : 01/06/2017

Eyethu is the recycling depot at the Centre for Social Development. We recycle waste such as toilet paper rolls, yoghurt containers etc.

A Visit by Little Bears Pre-school

Date Released : 03/05/2017

During the last week of the term, two schools visited the Toy Library.

St Mary's Toy Library Launch

Date Released : 16/05/2017

On the 12th May 2017 we launched our second Toy library which is attached to St Mary’s in Grahamstown.

Ruth Nombewu: NDA Award

Date Released : 08/04/2017

"Best ECD trainer of 2016"

Northern Cape B.Ed. (Part-Time) Foundation Phase group attends a contact session at Rhodes University

Date Released : 09/05/2017

The third year part-time students from The Northern Cape came to Rhodes University, Grahamstown, on Sunday 2 April 2017 for a contact session that lasted a week.

Northern Cape BEd team attend a district worksop

Date Released : 07/02/2017

The third- year students from the Northern Cape attended a district workshop on Saturday, 28 January 2017 at Moffat Mission, Kuruman. Despite the long distances some students had to travel, they were all punctual and there was 100% attendance.

Eastern Cape B.Ed Graduation

Date Released : 11/05/2017

On Friday afternoon, 21 April 2017, CSD, celebrated the graduation of 36 students at The Monument, Grahamstown.

B.Ed Part-Time January 2017 News Flash

Date Released : 20/01/2017

The first contact session of the BEd (Part-time) Foundation Phase Degree took place from 4 -7 January 2017 at the Rhodes University Education Department.

Literacy Centre opened in Ntlemeza Primary School – KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage

Date Released : 20/03/2017

As part of the legacy of making sure that all learners in Uitenhage are functionally literate by the end of Grade 3, the Volkswagen Community Trust opened the first Literacy Centre in Uitenhage.

Site observation report on Asanda Klaas

Date Released : 31/01/2017

On the 25th of January as her lecturer, I visited Asanda Klaas in her learning site which is at Thylulwazi Pre-School.

Nelson Mandela Metro DSD Training

Date Released : 08/02/2017

On the week of the 30th January 2017 CSD had a contact/training session on political and socio-economic factors that impact on community development.

B.Ed. Part-Time Foundation Phase Eastern Cape Students receiving book packs from Biblionef

Date Released : 28/06/2016

The Course Coordinator required the Eastern Cape Students to each write an official letter to Biblionef