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Psychology staff member’s participation on Erasmus+ Staff exchange programme

Ms Carol Dineo Diale recently participated in the Erasmus+ staff exchange programme and visited University of Leicester in the UK.


Our 17 Organisational Psychology Honours students visited 43 Air School, Port Alfred, on 31 July 2018. In Org Psych, students study and do research on issues related to the world of work in order to understand, modify and enhance individual, group and organisational behaviour, well-being and effectiveness.

Psychology Honours students present during Disability Week

Five Psychology Students (Lane Tao, Zizipho Ludidi, Heather Thorne, Grisel Pretorius and Samantha Johnson) contributed to Disability Week at Rhodes University by giving a presentation based on their experiences gained from a service learning course they are enrolled in.

Irish abortion law referendum highlights need for ongoing debates on reproductive justice

Recently, the world saw the majority of the Republic of Ireland voting in favour of repealing its Eighth Amendment, which has, up to now, had very stringent anti-abortion laws. However, this referendum vote comes shortly after the US’s seeming backwards-moving abortion policy Gag Rule introduced by the Trump-Pence administration on 22 May.

Engagement in Action - Episode 2