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Masters & PhD

Masters & PhD by Thesis

Application Process   

Step 1: Admission requirements

The first step is to check that you meet the requirements for admission to the programme. This information is detailed in the Rhodes University Higher Degrees Guide. Normally, admission to a Master’s degree programme requires a four year qualification (usually a three-year Bachelor’s degree plus an Honours degree) and admission to a Doctoral degree programme requires a Master’s degree. It is also a requirement that these degrees be of an acceptably high standard. In psychology the minimum requirement is an upper-second.

Step 2: Identify a potential supervisor

Initiate contact with the department to discuss your proposed research. In order for your application to be successful, the University will ascertain whether or not it has the capacity to provide you with the requisite research supervision. Therefore, there is little use in applying for admission into a Master’s by Thesis or Doctoral degree programme in psychology without first investigating the research interests of the staff in the department and their availability to take on additional supervision. Staff profiles and information about their research interests can be viewed on this site. 

Step 3: Departmental consideration

Potential candidates are required to apply for departmental consideration before applying for admission to Master’s by Thesis and Doctoral degrees in Psychology at Rhodes University. The following documents must be submitted in order to apply for departmental consideration:
1. Application for departmental consideration
2.Proposed Supervisor's Declaration of InterestProposed Supervisor's Declaration of Interest
3.  Research outline 
4. Academic transcripts

This information will be vetted by a subcommittee of the departmental Research Projects & Ethics Review Committee (RPERC) who will decide whether you have the academic potential to complete a thesis and whether the department has expertise in the relevant area and capacity to provide supervision.

Step 4: Apply to register

Once you have the go-ahead from the psychology department you must complete the on line Application for Admission to Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.  This should be done towards the end of the academic year before the one in which you intend to register for the first time.

Step 5: Register

The Registrar’s office will forward your application to the Head of Department (Psychology) and the Dean of the faculty for approval. Once their approval has been obtained you will receive a letter from the Registrar approving your application. You must sign this letter and return it to Academic Administration. You are then officially registered.

For further information and assistance please contact the MbT and PhD programme coordinator L.Wilbraham@ru.ac.za

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