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All staff members carry out research as part of their everyday work. Information about staff research projects, research interests and publications is provided on the individual staff members profiles. Training in research is part of all courses in psychology, and student research becomes especially important in postgraduate courses. Information about doing a postgraduate degree by research is available on the Masters and PhD by Thesis page

The department also houses two research units. These are the Centre for Applied Social Research and Action (CASRA) and Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction (CSSR). 

Ethical Standards in Research

All institutions which sponsor research take steps to ensure that research is carried out according to internationally accepted ethical standards. Psychology staff and students are required to obtain ethical clearance before conducting their research. Ethical clearance is obtained through the departmental Research Proposal and Ethics Review Committee (RPERC) and the Humanities Higher Degrees Committee (HHDC).

RPERC & HHDC Dates and Deadlines (2017)

RPERC Submission Deadline

Submit to Ms Busi Mzangwa

RPERC meeting

Departmental HHDC Submission Deadline

Submit to Ms Vuyo Kofi

HHDC Submission Deadline

HHDC Meeting

MbT 2017 late Applications for Departmental Consideration; Staff Projects for 2017.   Friday 20 January

Wednesday, 25 January




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MbT 2018 Applications for Departmental Consideration; Staff projects for 2018. Thursday, 16 November

Wednesday, 29 November




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