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Sandiso Bazana


Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

B. Admin (HRM), B.Com Honours- (UFH), M.Com (Industrial Psychology-Course-work), UFH

E-mail: s.bazana@ru.ac.za

Telephone: +27- (0)46 603 8816


Teaching Areas

  • Organisational Behavior in ‘post’-colonial spaces (2nd year level)
  • Psychological Assessment (3rd level) (with ‘post’-colonial lenses)
  • Organisational Development and Change (Honors level) in ‘post’-colonial organisations. Focusing on Higher Education institutions
  • Multiculturalism (Master’s in Clinical and Counselling Seminar)

Industrial/Organisational Research Interests

  • Psychology and Industrial/Organisational Psychology and the ‘post’-colonial
  • Organisational Development and Change in Higher Education
  • Rethinking the role of Human Resources Management in the ‘post’-colonial spaces
  • Interested in the interplay between individuals (individual differences), groups (dynamics) and organisational structures (e.g. policies, departments) in promoting humanness (Ubuntu) in organisations, especially in Higher education institutions.

 Psychology Research Interests

  • Thinking Psychology in the ‘post’-colonial/apartheid era (Race, relevance, therapy, Cultura-Inbetweenity, Black Consciousness, Language and the ‘black’ experience(s))
  • Psychology and society (religion, media, absent fathers, social identity, township culture)
  • Psychology, Identity and Personality (‘black’ family, Institutional Cultures on behaviour, development of ‘black’ children)

Reader of Black Consciousness, Afrocentricity and Pan Africanism and how they relate to Psychology and Organisational/Industrial Psychology

Academic activities

Bazana, S. & Mogotsi, P. (2017). Black university students’ experiences of negotiating their social identity in a historically white university. Submitted in the Journal of Transformation of Higher Education.

Bazana, S. Campbell, K. & Kabungaidze, T. (2017). Thematic analysis of the impact of shift work on the health and wellbeing of campus security guards. Paper submitted in the New Voices in Psychology.

Mclaren, L. & Bazana, S. (2017). Transforming while Transferring: The Exploratory Study of how Transferability of Skill is Key in the Transformation of Higher Education. International Conference on the Dynamics of Changing Higher Education in the Global Southhttp://www.unisa.ac.za/static/corporate_web/Content/About/Leading%20change/Documents/The%20Dynamics%20of%20Changing%20Higher%20Education%20in%20the%20Global%20South%20Draft%20Programme%2023%20June%202017.pdf

Mogotsi, P. & Bazana, S. (2016). Racial Integration and Social Identities of University Students: Exploring the Experiences of Black Students in Historically White Universities. The College of Human Sciences International Decoloniality Conference hosted by UNISA

Bazana, S. (2016). Decolonising the South African workplace: A case for transforming research in industrial psychology. 6th International Conference on Community Psychology. http://iccp2016.co.za/programme/ICCP2016conferenceprogramme.pdf

Bazana, S. (2016). South Africa should use a more scientific approach to appoint its public protector. The Conversations-Africa. August 30 https://theconversation.com/south-africa-should-use-a-more-scientific-approach-to-appoint-its-public-protector-64077  

Nabo, S. & Bazana, S. (2016). Is there a Future for Psychology among People in Rural Areas of South Africa? Journal of Psychology. © Kamla-Raj http://krepublishers.com/Journals/JP-6-ListofPapers-PresentStatus.html

Bazana,S. (2014) Dynamics of race and racism in contemporary South Africa.

Bazana, S., & Dodd, N. (2013) Conscientiousness, Work Family Conflict and Stress amongst Police Officers in Alice, South Africa. Journal of Psychology, 4(1): 1-8 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09764224.2013.11885487?needAccess=true&journalCode=rpsc20

Mgxenge,V., Dwyili,M., Bazana,S. (2014). Organisational stress and employee’s intention to quit amongst Administrative Personnel at the University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  International Journal of Research in Social Sciences Sept. 2014. Vol. 4, No.5ISSN 2307-227X  http://www.ijsk.org/uploads/3/1/1/7/3117743/2_organisational_stress.pdf

Mgxenge, V, Dwyili, M. & Bazana, S. (2014). Job engagement and employees’ intention to quit among administrative personnel at the University of Fort hare in South Africa. International Journal of Research in Social Sciences Sept. 2014. Vol. 4, No.5 ISSN 2307-227X http://ijsk.org/uploads/3/1/1/7/3117743/15_job_engagement.pdf

Media Presence

Bazana, S. (March 2017).  The silly reaction to Zille’s tweet http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2017/03/37439/

Bazana, S. (November 2016). A response to Mr Daniel Sutherland’s “myth of white monopoly capital” http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2016/11/35077/

Bazana, S. (November, 2016). Thuli Madonsela is at fault. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2016/11/thuli-madonsela-is-at-fault/

Bazana, S. (September 2016). Gwede Mantashe ‘leads’ the ANC astray. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2016/09/33593/

Bazana, S. (April 2016). Transform Psychology in South Africa, NOW!. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2016/04/30547/

Bazana, S. (February 2016). Collin Maine doing exactly what he was “appointed” for—going after the EFF. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2016/02/28677/

Bazana, S. (December 7, 2015). Steve Biko: A brief analysis of the South African workplace. News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/12/steve-biko-a-brief-analysis-of-the-south-african-workplace/

Bazana, S. (October 14, 2015). Behaviour of employees in the workplace is informed by their context. News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/10/behaviour-of-employees-in-the-workplace-is-informed-by-their-context/

Bazana, S. (October 19, 2015). There is a need to redefine the meaning of ‘Black’ in South Africa today. News 24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/10/there-is-a-need-to-redefine-the-meaning-of-black-in-south-africa-today/

Bazana, S. (August 21, 2015). Let’s blame poor African leadership for Mandarin in our schools. Mail and Guardian. http://thoughtleader.co.za/readerblog/2015/08/21/lets-blame-poor-african-leadership-for-mandarin-in-our-schools/

Bazana,S. (August 21, 2015). European social values dominate the institutions of ‘learning’ in South Africa. News 24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/08/european-social-values-dominate-the-institutions-of-learning-in-south-africa/

Bazana, S. (July 9, 2015). A tribute to Judge Thembile Skweyiya. News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/07/a-tribute-to-judge-thembile-skweyiya/

Bazana, S. (July 21, 2015). Race and Racism: the role of biological-physical differences in our understanding of race in South Africa. News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/07/race-and-racism-the-role-of-biological-physical-differences-in-our-understanding-of-race-in-south-africa/

Bazana, S. (June 7, 2015). Transformation of rugby and cricket; the missing link in the debate. News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/06/transformation-of-rugby-and-cricket-the-missing-link-in-the-debate/

Bazana,S. (May 11, 2015). Hellen Zille’s decision will cost the DA, especially the rural vote, News24. http://voices.news24.com/sandiso-bazana/2015/05/hellen-zilles-decision-will-cost-the-da-especially-the-rural-vote/

Supervision (Graduated and in-progress)

Black university students’ experiences of negotiating their social identity in a historically white university. MA (Clinical Psychology)

Absent parent(s): psychological implications on children. MA (Counselling Psychology)

Psychotherapy in post-colonial South Africa: exploring views, attitudes and beliefs of psychotherapy in Black rural communities. MA (Clinical Psychology)

Transforming while Transferring: The Exploratory Study of how Transferability of Skill is Key in the Transformation of Higher Education

Exploring the relevance of Moerdyk and Coldwell’s (1982) ‘On fitting paradigms to people’ essay: The role of Person-Environment Fit in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Research in industrial/organisational psychology pre and post 1994: a literature review

A thematic analysis of the role of Ubuntu in Human Resources Management at Rhodes University: an explorative study. Student: Audrey Mzondo,

A thematic analysis of Total Rewards Strategy as a motivational tool for Support staff at Rhodes University: An exploratory study. 

Thematic analysis of the impact of shift work on the health and wellbeing of campus security guards.

The role of Income and level of education on Household food security in Alice (Honours student graduated)

Households living standards, food security and satisfaction with life in Alice (Honours student graduated)

Investigating household food security coping strategies and the effect of demographic variables on Household food security in Alice,

Low-income earners experience higher level of food insecurity in Alice.

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