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Hall Senior Student Welcome

I would just like to officially welcome the new ladies of Saint Mary Hall to the beginning of the most amazing and memorable next couple of years of your lives. Know that you are coming to a hub of sisterly warmth and love, where a friend to share a joke with or shoulder to cry on is merely a door away. In this dining hall we do not only share meals together, but we also share meaningful conversations and build bonds that are so tight they keep us going throughout the rest of this journey called life. The dining Hall consists of four residences Lilian Britten House, John Kotze House, Olive Schreiner House and Phelps House, each filled with its own culture and vibrant life. But at the end of the day we all come together as ladies of St Mary and unite as a family. We are guided by Four House wardens, who are assisted in running the respective Houses by sub-wardens, Hall committee, House committees, hall Fellows and our most trusted Hall Administrator. They are not only there to provide a healthy learning environment, but also ensure that your varsity experience is one worth cherishing.

Our theme song is the St Mary version of “Lean on me” which uplifts and comforts the hearts of many, just knowing that there is always someone there to help you get through whatever difficult situation which you are facing. Among the challenges there are some amazing times to be had which you will soon experience with the year’s events which will follow. Among the spectacular events which the hall hosts is the annual St Mary Hall Dance, which is a campus favourite. The build-up is usually worth the wait, as the night is always filled with fun, laughter, dancing and awesome memories being made. Know that your placement in this dining hall was not just by chance, but that you were meant to be a part of something special.

To the returning students I would just like to say welcome back home. We all know that the road ahead is not going to be an easy one, but it will be a memorable one nonetheless. Let us continue in our atmosphere of positivity and hope, for we know that we can accomplish all which we set our minds to.

As your Hall Senior Student I am here to represent your needs as a hall and provide you with entertaining events every once in a while. Some of these events will be fun-filled, giving everyone an opportunity to get to know one another; and some will give back to the community as we are nothing without them. I look forward to the phenomenal year ahead together.

-Hall Senior Student

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