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Warden's Welcome to LB

 Welcome to Lillian Britten House Students.

A very warm welcome to our new and returning students in Lillian Britten House.  We hope this year will be one of your memorable years at Rhodes University. We are certain that you will make new friends and create your own family here. Lillian Britten is the smallest house within St Mary Hall, providing scholarly and caring environment at which we hope you will take advantage of, maintaining the high academic performance of the hall.

As Warden, Sub-Wardens and House Committee, we are delighted to be part of your life as you create those fond memories of this excellent institution, nurturing you towards lifelong learning.  This exciting team will provide a supportive and caring environment to make you feel at ‘home away from home’. Operating with less than 33 students, Lillian Britten’s rich history resembles the culture and architectural uniqueness of the university as a whole, with emphasis on diversity and respect for cultural differences.

Through community service, sports and academic orientation, we hope to create a well-rounded student, suitable for the real world at the same time critical of it. Rest assured that your character shall be nurtured to put in practice Rhode’s motto, ‘Where Leaders learn’.

We do hope that you will be an active member of the St Mary Hall, enjoying the diverse food menu from our wonderful caters; appreciative of our clean and warm rooms prepared by friendly housekeepers and learning from your diverse fellow students in the hall.

Let this year be full of excellence, accompanied by the spirit of Ubuntu (Humanity)! Welcome.


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