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Community Engagement

St Mary Hall ladies are dedicated with a motto of "giving back".

The residences in St Mary Hall have been very involved in Community Engagement this year.

John Kotze residence has formed a bond with the Duna Library and has been working there on a regular basis.

Lilian Britten residence has, rather appropriately, teamed up with the St Mary's Day Care Centre and they visit the centre every Tuesday and Thursday to help with homework and spelling and they have helped turn a patch of ground into the beginning of a vegetable garden.  They were awarded a Highly Commended Certificate for their endeavours during our Leavers Dinner Awards Evening.

Phelps has continued their relationship with a homework programme with the Home of Joy, while also assisting the Kuyasa School with painting a playground wall which has dramatically brightened up their school play area.  This also resulted into older school children taking responsibility for doing their own revilatising of another section of the wall.  Phelps also received a Highly Commended Certificate for their endeavours.

Olive Schreiner have adopted the Little Flower pre-school, and have been visiting the school every Friday to read, colour-in and help teachers.  They also used house funds and did their own fund-raising to buy items like floor mats and books for the school.  They also visited old age homes, taking cards and serving tea and biscuits to the "mothers" for Mothers' Day.  They also helped clean up an old age home and helped prepare and serve meals.  They have also started helping at a high school, tutoring matriculants on a weekly basis.  Lastly Olive Schreiner ladies also started helping a athe Siyazama Gardening Projects, assisting where

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