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Warden's welcome

A very warm welcome to all the first years (and returning students) who have been allocated to Olive Schreiner House. Our diverse residence was named after a prolific South African writer from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Olive Schreiner was internationally acclaimed “as the first major South African writer of fiction, as an eloquent advocate of feminism, socialism, pacifism and free thought, as a trenchant critic of British imperialism and racism” (Biographies Hall of Fame, 2007). As her namesake, Olive Schreiner House is proud of its legacy and seeks to uphold the values that she wrote about and fought for.


For those first years arriving on the 7th and 8th of February 2017, we are looking forward to getting to know you. The house warden for Olive Schreiner is Nompilo Tshuma, and her door is always open for any questions or concerns you may have. She has an excellent team of 3 sub-wardens and 7 house comm members. Their main function is to ensure you have a smooth ride during orientation week and beyond. They have all been where you are, and are so excited to have the opportunity to welcome you to Olive Schreiner and give you multiple tips and tricks on surviving your first year.


Olive Schreiner House has 2 common rooms where residents chill out, watch TV and meet for functions and meetings. They are also used as group study discussion areas. The house is equipped with 3 washing machines and 3 tumble dryers for your convenience, as well as a residence printer that you can connect to from your laptop or computer in your room. There is also a computer that is available in the common room that you can logon to and use for your academic studies. 


During your first few weeks here, you will come to realise that our main priority in Olive Schreiner is academics – it is your main reason for being here after all. We also play hard by being involved in different activities in and outside the residence – like sports, gym, community engagement, societies and lots more. You are bound to find something exciting to get involved in.


From the whole Olive Schreiner team, welcome to our residence, our home – and we hope you will be happy here

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