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The Hall and the Houses

Winchester House

Mr Ferdi Botha - House Warden

Winchester House, acquired in 1924, originally served as a residence and was later rebuilt for students use in 1950.

Winchester House is home to 54 young men doing undergraduate studies (although a few Postgraduates have been known to hang around for a while).

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Canterbury Annexe

Canterbury Annexe is a home to 32 students, the Annexe is across the road to Canterbury House.  It houses 6 (six) double rooms as well as big single rooms, but unfortunately they do not have wash basins. With only 32 students, it becomes a big family and home away from home.

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Salisbury House

Salisbury House, one of the original buildings, was the home of the sisters of the Community of the Resurrection

Salisbury House is one of the smallest residences on campus and is home to thirty young male undergraduates. 

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Truro House

Truro House was built by the Community of the Resurrection as a guest house in 1960.

Truro House is an undergraduate female residence of 22 girls. Truro is across the lawns from Salisbury House and overlooks the Allan Webb Tennis Court.

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Canterbury House

Canterbury House was opened in 1906 as a residence for students of the training college

Canterbury House is a undergraduate female residence of 58 girls. Canterbury House is nestled into the corner of St Peter's campus next to the Dining Hall and across the street from Winchester House. 

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