Canterbury Annexe

Canterbury Annexe is a home to 32 students, the Annexe is across the road to Canterbury House.  It houses 6 (six) double rooms as well as big single rooms, but unfortunately they do not have wash basins. With only 32 students, it becomes a big family and home away from home.

Situated on Somerset street across the road from the Law faculty and the department of Music and Musicology where occasional soft echo of classical or jazz music can be heard at a distance. Its location provides easy access to St Peter's beautiful and serene gardens as well as the Makana Botanical Gardens.

One of the special amenities in our Dining Hall  include the Allan Webb Hall swimming pool as well as a volleyball court which is situated at the back one of the male residences accross the road from us. The Tennis court is not far away from our residence. A few meters away lies the Eden Grove complex which features two main lecture theatres as well as the Student Bureau.

Canterbury Annexe House's access to campus is easy and the same can be said of getting to town.

Contact Information
House Warden Phumza Gesha
Warden's Telephone Number: +27 (46) 603-7238 (after hours)
Warden's cell number  +27 72 455 9358

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