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 Dr Pascall Taruvinga (HOD)

Holds a PhD in Archaeology, with specialisation in World Heritage, stakeholders and sustainable development. Has 25 years of experience in heritage management in various positions as; Lecturer and Coordinator, Heritage Studies (Rhodes University, South Africa), Chief Heritage Officer, Robben Island World Heritage site, Senior Consultant (African World Heritage Fund), World Heritage Specialist (National Heritage Council), in South Africa, Programme Manager (International Council of African Museums-AFRICOM-Kenya), Director Research and Development, and Head of Department (Archaeology)-Zimbabwe. 

Proven success in the public sector, regional and international arena, with a strong bias in museums, archaeology, heritage sites, research and development, world heritage, sustainable development, archival and collections management, disaster risk mitigation, knowledge management, protected areas with cultural heritage, local community and stakeholder management, capacity building and mentorship, administration and governance, policy formulation and operationalisation, impact assessments, monitoring and evaluations. An active member of professional associations with over 25 referred articles in international journals and books, including a book on World Heritage and Sustainable Development in Africa.



  • PHD (UCT)
  • MA (UZ)
  • Hon (UZ)
  •  BA (UZ)

Recent Publication


1      Taruvinga, P.  2022: Stakeholders Perspectives of World Heritage and Development in Africa, Publisher: Routledge (1st Edition), 5 August 2022: ISBN 9780367694807.

2      Taruvinga, P., et al (eds). 2020. World Heritage and Sustainable Development: Implementing the 2015 Policy. AWHF, Midrand, South Africa: online.

3      Taruvinga P., et al.  “A comparative study on the triumph of the human spirit over adversity”: Le Morne (Mauritius) and Robben Island (South Africa) World Heritage Sites, Mauritius, 2020

4      Taruvinga, P (editor: auspices of UNESCO). 2019. From Angola to Zimbabwe: World Heritage of Southern Africa, AWHF/ROSA, Midrand, South Africa. COFFEE BOOK


Journal Publications

5      Taruvinga, P., et al. 2020. Introduction. In Taruvinga, P., et al (eds), World Heritage and Sustainable Development: Implementing the 2015 Policy. AWHF, Midrand, South Africa: 6-10: online

6      Taruvinga, P. 2020. Integrating Sustainable Development in the management of Robben Island World Heritage Site, Cape Town, South Africa. In Taruvinga, P., et al (eds). 2020. World Heritage and Sustainable Development: Implementing the 2015 Policy. AWHF, Midrand, South Africa: 77-95.BOOK CHAPTER

7      Taruvinga, P. 2020. World Heritage and Sustainable Development-African Perspective, Oxford Encyclopedia of African Archaeology. Oxford University, UK, 2020: https://doi.org/10.1093/acrefore/9780190854584.013.240” Published online: 27 October 2020

8      Taruvinga, P. 2020. Authenticity and the localness of heritage: emerging perceptions at World Heritage sites in Africa. In Magar, V., & Luxen, J.-L. (eds.). Conversaciones con... Herb Stovel (Nº 8) (texts in English, French and Spanish), December: 123 – 141: BOOK CHAPTER

9      Taruvinga, P. 2017. Challenges and opportunities of involving stakeholders in developing World Heritage sites as ‘hybrid’ institutions. World Heritage for Sustainable Development in Africa, UNESCO: 175-182

10    Taruvinga, P. 2017. Conservation, Stakeholders and Local Politics: The Management of the Matobo Hills World Heritage Site, South Western Zimbabwe. In: Makuvaza S. (eds.), Aspects of Management Planning for Cultural World Heritage Sites (Springer) pp 147-161; ISBN 978-3-319-69855-7; 2017. DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-69856-4_14 .






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