Recent Publications

Author: Patricia C Henderson

Author: Ms Shabnam Shaik

Authors: Michelle Cocks, Sussane Vetter & F. Wiersum

Authors: Michelle Cocks, Sussane Vetter & Avela Njwambe

Authors: Michelle Cocks, Jamie Alexander, Lydia Mogano & Sussane Vetter

Authors: Juliana Mercon, Susanne Vetter, Maria Tengo, Michelle Cocks, Patricia Belvanera, Julieta A. Rosell & Barbara Ayala-Orozco

Authors: Vanessa A. Masterson, Susanne Vetter, Tomas Chaigneau, Tin M. Daw, Odirilwe Selomane, Maike Hamann, Grace Y. Wong, Viveca Mellegard, Michelle Cocks & Marua Tengo

Author: Dominique Santos, Ntsiki Anderson & Dainel Hutchinson

Author: Dominique Santos

Authors: Gavin Weston, Dominique Santos, William Tantam & Kieran Fenby-Hulse

Author: Shankar Aswani

Authors: Dutra, L X.C., I. Sporne, M. Haward, S. Jennings, S. Aswani, A. Hobday, S. Frusher, W. Sauer, I. E. van Putten, S. S. Salim, E. Plaganyi-Lloyd, G. Pecl, M. Gasalla, S. Gianesella, T. Grant , M. B. Taboada, and K. Cochrane

Authors: Cochrane, K.L., W.H.H. Sauer and S. Aswani.


Authors: Cochrane, K.L. H. Rakotondrazafy, S. Aswani, T. Chaigneau, N. Downey-Breedt, A. Lemahieu, A. Paytan, G. Pecl, É. Plagányi, E. Popova, E. I. van Putten, W. H.H. Sauer, V. Byfield,  M. Gasalla, S.J. van Gennip, W. Malherbe, A. Rabary, A. Rabearisoa, N. Ramaroson, V. Randrianarimanana, L. Scott and P.M. Tsimanaoraty

Frontiers in Marine Science

Authors: Yvette van Wijk, Renee Rust, Eldrid M. Uithaler, Sarah Wurz


Chapter Author: Petti Henderson (New Directions in Child and Youth research in Africa in Engaging Children and Youth in Africa.)


Author: Janet Hayward

Online Publication

Author: Janet Hayward

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