Rhodes Business School MBA programme ranked among top 2% worldwide

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Prof Owen Skae, Director of the Rhodes Business School
Prof Owen Skae, Director of the Rhodes Business School

The Rhodes Business School MBA programme has been given the thumbs up for another three years by the Association of MBA (AMBA), an accreditation service which currently accredits programmes from the top 2% of business schools in over 70 countries.

This follows a positive assessment outcome by AMBA’s International Accreditation Advisory Board, which holds the global standard for all MBA, DBA and Master's degrees.

The Advisory Board specifically lauded the Rhodes Business School’s sustainability focus and ‘4E model’ teaching method embedded within the MBA curriculum. “It is distinctive and authentic, to the extent that it is one of the most noteworthy of its kind within the AMBA family,” the report proclaimed.

“The biggest faculty strength is in the realm of leadership, which covers all areas of research, scholarship and consultancy. The school also has acknowledged expertise in governance and tax in addition to sustainability,” the report stated. In addition, the report found the collegial nature of the faculty and the school’s sustainability agenda to be “impressive aspects of the School”.

“We are very proud that the Rhodes Business School continues to be regarded as one of the top business schools in the world,” said Prof Owen Skae, director of the Rhodes Business School. “We’ve enjoyed AMBA-accredited status since 2015, and will continue to operate the school at the level of excellence required for international acclaim.”

According to AMBA’s assessment, the Rhodes Business School has witnessed positive change over the last three years, in the perceived benefit that the parent and community see in its activities. For example, Rhodes University received funding from Mercedes-Benz and ABSA based on their relationship with the School, and it has become involved in the training of corporate governance across Rhodes.

“Being selected to host the Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Development Trust’s annual Values-Based Leadership lecture further exemplifies how committed we are to playing our part in building an inclusive society where business affects positive change,” Prof Skae indicated.

The Business School has also developed a number of key academic institution partnerships, namely the Faculty of Economics at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; the International Business School Americas, Brazil; City Business School, Moscow; and most recently Montpellier Business School, which was finalised in January 2018.

Said Prof Skae, “We appreciate AMBA’s endorsement of our authenticity in our commitment to ethical leadership and sustainability. Given our location, which is away from the economic mainstream, the contribution that we make both nationally in our commentary on responsible business practices and our local acknowledgement of programmes such as school development programmes, is particularly gratifying.”

Overall, AMBA lauded the academic rigour that underpins the programme and deemed it a solid base from which to support an AMBA-accredited MBA.

“Accreditation has been awarded for three years, andI am delighted to confirm that accreditation of the MBA provision delivered by Rhodes Business School has been endorsed by the Association’s International Accreditation Advisory Board,” AMBA’s director of operations and accreditation, Mark Stoddard, wrote to the Business School. “On behalf of the AMBA, may I wish you and your colleagues continued success.”