Mr Thabang Moleko

Thabang Moleko has obtained qualifications in finance, project management , infrastructure and public management .He has Bachelor of commerce degree from Rhodes University. He also obtained his Master’s in Business Administration from Nelson Mandela Business School. Thabang has been a dynamic  leader of organisations in the private and public sector. Thabang has been able to work on projects in the international sector for organisations such as the African Development Bank and the International Labour Organisation. Thabang is an experienced portfolio manager, project manager and management consultant. Thabang has experience in in sectors such as corporate finance, management consulting, advisory services, credit analysis, project finance capacity. Thabang is now a Director of a property, finance and strategy management consultancy. Thabang is also an adjunct lecturer in strategy, business management and finance at Nelson Mandela University Business School and Management College of South Africa Business School.

Thabang is the recipient of the Mandela Washington Fellowship which allowed him to train at Morgan State University , Baltimore on public management. Thabang is pursuing his research proposal for his  Doctorate in Business Administration.  Thabang’s research interests are on small town Revitlisation, marketing in emerging markets, entrepreneurship and the strategy of space.

Thabang has been a project manager in private and public sector. Thabang has been able to manage both service and infrastructure projects as a project or portfolio manager. Thabang has worked on key initiatives like SA economic strategy, SA Macro-policy for Home affairs . Developed a Program blueprint for the 2010 World Cup, financing the revitlisation of inner cities and small towns in the Eastern Cape.

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