We have proudly and without hesitation chosen to name our residence after Mrs Amina Cachalia. As a residence we pledge:

  •  To look beyond ourselves as individuals and use our gained expertise to make a difference in our community.
  •  To not allow our fears to cripple us in the face of adversity but to use our fears as an opportunity to be courageous and build character.
  •  To not be ignorant to our diverse races and cultures but to embrace them and cultivate a genuine interest in our shared and individual heritage.
  •  To foster an environment where young girls can leave as woman who are confident in their abilities and whose characters are built on the foundations of integrity, self-respect, and humility.

There is a saying that goes ‘A woman who strives to be like a man has no ambition’. This saying is not to discredit men but rather it speaks to the potential of a woman. Thanks to Amina Cachalia and the other woman who are on the front lines in the struggle for gender-equality, we can freely realize this potential and as residence will proudly take on the challenge.


By Nalo Gungubele, Senior Student 2012,

on behalf of the students of the house

 at the Amina Cachalia House Naming Ceremony

Wednesday, 7th March 2012.

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