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Tersia Du Plessis

Theatre Complex | Production Manager

Tersia is known and lauded throughout the Arts and Entertainment industry, as the lighting designer `who paints with colour, light, shade and depth`. She is respected for her extraordinary ability to infuse a stage with vibrancy, emotion and subtle nuance

Born in Johannesburg, Tersia`s visual excellence was evident from an early age. She studied at the prestigious Pretoria school for Art, Music and Ballet where, in 1981, she was the winner of a National Art Competition.

She matriculated in 1983, and combining her love of theatre with her artistic talent, she studied at the highly respected Technikon Pretoria (Now known as TUT), specializing in Lighting Design.

After starting her career at the Sand du Plessis theatre Tersia was fortunate enough to join the creative team at the State Theatre Pretoria, where she worked for many years. Starting as a lighting assistant, she worked her way through the ranks to eventually be appointed as Resident Lighting Designer.

During this time, Tersia`s work was admired and acknowledged by many. From the `theatrical masterstroke` that helped create Vlerkdans and the `atmospheric spectacle` of Rigoletto to the shafts of haze and shadow `evoking memories of Degas` in La Sylphide.

Broadening her horizons, she has also explored the realms of Television and scenic design.

Currently freelancing she serves as a part-time lecturer at the TUT. Her unique way of teaching lighting and the concepts of this creative environment has been described as `Genius`

Her strong theatrical background and extensive experience remains the paramount foundation of all her endeavours. In a career that spans three decades, she has established a reputation of adhering to the professional and artistic demands of her clients at all times! Having been responsible for more than a hundred lighting designs, her ambitious and creative nature makes her an exceptional artist. Tersia`s award winning combination of an ever expanding knowledge, technique, experience, visual skill and intuition inspires her to explore every angle of a new challenge, colouring it with light, and framing it with passion!!

email: t.duplessis@ru.ac.za | tersia@mailbox.co.za | room 106

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