Drama 2

Course Coordinator | Ms Dee Mohoto

The Drama 2 course aims to build on some of the theoretical and practical foundations in Drama 1. In particular, the course focuses on South/African theatre and performance in relation to social, political and artistic contemporary concerns. The course is divided into a practical and theoretical component, with a 50/50 weighting.

The practical course involves:

    Performance through Voice and Body (1 x 45 minute period per week for semester 1 and 2).

This course requires students to engage creatively with vocal practice. In semester 1, this involves  an enagement with a poetic text. In semester 2, this is extended to a voice focused small group performance.

    Somatics ( 1 x 90 minute class per week, for Semester 1)

The aim of this course is to access an understanding of the body and its movement as it relates to performance and/or personal development. Movement is sourced and experienced through game and play, task-based exercises, kinetic models and physical improvisation – all aimed at achieving a developed physical intelligence. A range of somatic practices are included such as Authentic Movement, Release Technique, Body-Mind Centering, Choreology, Bodywork and Contact Improvisation. These techniques and experiences serve as a creative space for analysing and extending physical potential in interaction, expression and communication. The course culminates in the making and performing of a somatic encounter in pairs. 

    Theatre practice electives ( 1x 90 minute class per week, for Semester 2)

Students are required to select ONE area of introductory specialisation. For 2016, this choice involves:

  1.         The acting experience
  2.         Introduction to design for the theatre
  3.         Introduction to physical theatre
  4.         Writing for the theatre

  The theoretical component of the course is divided into 4 themes.

  1.     Theatre, performance and Inter-textuality
  2.     Theatre, social change, and justice
  3.     Theatrical transgressions: staging trauma and violence
  4.     Theatrical transgressions: physical performance

Within each of these themes, theatre and performance case studies from South Africa, Africa, and around the world are used to illustrate some of the key debates and approaches within the theme.

There are three drama lectures per week, throughout the year. A 4th period is allocated for viewing of videos, fims etc.


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