Drama 3

Course Coordinator | Prof Juanita Praeg

The Drama 3 course offers an exciting, demanding and rewarding year in the Drama Department. The groundwork completed in Drama 1 and the more detailed and structured course in Drama 2 allow for further challenging work, incorporating theoretical enquiry, developing a professional practice, enjoying collaborative problem-solving and experiential participation. The major difference is that in Drama 3 the key words are "personal creativity", "self-assessment", "reflexivity" and “integration” in all areas of the course. The opportunity is provided for you to explore and develop your own vision of the theatre experience. This requires PREPARATION, DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT and HARD WORK.

The Practical Electives provide introductions to specialisations in areas of interest and ability. Students are invited to select and apply for 2 electives, one elective from the Semester 1 group and the second elective from the Semester 2 group.  These electives will provide experience in the areas of performance, production, conceptualisation and theatre making and should be regarded as introductions to the various areas of interest. They will culminate in term or semester-end showings of work developed during the term.

Scheduling of these electives is subject to change.

Offered in Semester 1 Offered in Semester 2
  • Acting
  • Choreography on SITE
  • Applied Theatre
  • Directing for the Theatre
  • Physical Theatre
  • Theatre Design
  • Writing for Performance
  • Theatre Technology

The Theoretical Component focuses attention on theatre in the 20th & 21st century. These studies are designed to investigate and debate issues and practices of theatre world-wide, with reference to play-texts, theatre history, critical writings and theories of performance.  There are 4 lectures per week.

The theoretical component of the course is divided into 4 themes.

    The Popular and the Political;
    Performing Identities;
    Inter/Intra Culturalism;
    Performance and Womyn Bodies.

The course weighting is as follows:

Practical Component                                                  50%
Written Research Paper for 4,000 words                      15%
Written examination                                                  35%

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