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EEASA is proud to announce that, following the successful publication of the 30th Volume of the Southern African Journal for Environmental Education for the year 2104, the call for abstracts for the 31st Volume has had an outstanding response, with close to 30 abstracts having been received. The 2015 special edition is themed: ‘Transforming education and society: Looking back and looking forward’.

This edition coincides with the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and it also marks almost 40 years since the Tbilisi Declaration was first released, providing international guidance on environmental education.  The year 2015 also marks 25 years of the Murray & Roberts Chair of Environmental Education at Rhodes University, where the SAJEE is housed, and from where it has been edited for the past 30 years. In this time, environmental education has been integral to various transformations in the education and training systems of southern African countries, and indeed also internationally where similar transformations are taking place.

Thus, much has been done over the past 30-40 years, providing an opportune time for us to ‘look back’ on the history of environmental education in southern Africa and elsewhere and its role in transforming education and society.  However, looking back means little if it cannot help us to also look forward.  Simply reviewing transformations in education may not be enough as our looking back and forward needs to be contextualized within the changing planetary systems and societies that are being shaped by anthropogenic activities and contemporary development frameworks.

In 2016, EEASA will be publishing another special edition and the proposed theme for this volume is: Re-visioning environmental knowledge, values and learning in 21st century southern Africa curricula”.The call for abstracts for this edition will be going out mid-2015 so look out for this and the SAJEE team will be anticipating your submissions.


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