Theory of Change Workshop

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Overall M&E Framework
Overall M&E Framework

On 11 October 2019 colleagues working on the Monitoring and Evaluation in a SETA Environment programme will meet with over 70 professionals from the Department of Higher Education and Training, the National Skills Authority and the SETAs. This workshop will focus on clarifying a Theory of Change within the SETA environment and will thus feed into the finalisation of the SETA M&E framework.

The workshop builds on a number of scoping documents, interviews and consultations. Key insights and questions that have emerged from these processes have been consolidated in a collection of ‘Discussion Briefs’. These Briefs include the following topics (additional documents will be added as they become available):

1. Overall M&E Framework

2. Working with Theory of Change Models

3. Working with Indicators

5. Performance Standards and Monitoring

8. M&E for the Discretionary Grant

9. M&E for the Mandatory Grant

12. Capacity Development to Support SETA M&E

13. Responsibilities, Functions and Resourcing M&E

All of the Discussion Briefs are available here.