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Current Students


Message from the Dean

Your success as an undergraduate student will depend on the extent to which you take ownership of and responsibility for your learning and become an active participant in your education. To this end, the Dean, Deputy Deans, and academic Staff are all available to advise, guide and assist you, but it is your responsibility to approach the staff. Such support and guidance is not only for students who are struggling with their studies but also for the high flyers looking to further extend their studies.


Message from the Dean

As a postgraduate your strongest relationships will be with your supervisor, the research group and the academic department.  You may never have cause to visit the Dean or one of the Deputy Deans but our doors will always be open for you and we would welcome a chance to hear about the work that you are doing.
It is understood that your primary focus will be on your research but we encourage you to find some time to experience some of the wide range of events that Rhodes and Grahamstown has to offer.
Most of the important information that you require can be found on the Postgraduate Gateway or from your supervisor.
Postgraduate Gateway  http://www.ru.ac.za/postgraduategateway/gateway/




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