Distinguished Prof Beverly Glass

Beverley D Glass - Distinguished Visiting Professor to RHODES 2014.

Professor Beverley Glass, currently the Chair of Pharmacy in the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia and an old Rhodian recently visited Rhodes University and delivered a research lecture in the Department of Chemistry, entitled Sunscreens: Photostability, Formulation and Skin Penetration. This lecture in applied photo- and pharmaceutical chemistry highlighted the need for photostability testing and the use of broad spectrum sunscreens to protect against the harmful effects of UV-radiation. Exposure to UV-radiation results in an increased incidence of melanoma, with the occurrence in the Western Cape recently reported to be as high as that in Australia. In relation to formulation and skin penetration, the controversy associated with the safety of the inclusion of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide in sunscreens and their potential penetration into the deeper layers of the skin was discussed. Recent reports have indicated that the inclusion of nano-titanium dioxide in sunscreens to achieve broad spectrum protection is safe as penetration is limited to the upper layers on the skin.

Professor Glass has had a long and very happy relationship with the Chemistry Department at Rhodes University, having completed her PhD in Carbohydrate Chemistry in the laboratory G5 on the ground floor of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building and is a frequent visitor to the Department. It was however a great opportunity to catch up and share stories and a few laughs with colleagues from her time at Rhodes including Professor Tebello Nyokong who kindly facilitated the lecture and Mrs Joyce Sewry and meet new members of the Chemistry Department, including Professor Rui Krause, Head of Chemistry and Dr David Khanye at a dinner organised by the Department