Duration and structure of an Honours course

In some subjects the academic year for Honours courses is slightly longer than for the ordinary degree. Honours degrees may also be taken part-time, but over not more than two years.

Lectures, of course, form an important component of an Honours year, as do seminars, the latter often given by the students themselves, demanding that the presenter learn skills and techniques like the proper use of PowerPoint. In most departments project work forms an integral and very important part of the course. As mentioned earlier, in some cases the project write-ups may even result in the production of peer-reviewed journal articles, which are very much sought after in CVs. Even when this does not happen, the projects can give one a good idea of what doing a research Master's degree in the same or a related field might be like.

And, of course, several departments organize highly enjoyable field trips to visit firms or do fieldwork research.

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