Entrance requirements

The Rhodes Honours degree is a high quality degree. Departments can afford to be very fussy, and almost all are fussy. Thus, if you are contemplating doing Honours, aim for the very best results possible in your undergraduate majors. Normally a student is not accepted as an Honours student in this country without at least a lower second class pass in the appropriate major subject. So 50% in third year, or an "ACR", just won't cut it, sorry! Some Departments set even higher entrance limits than 60%, and beside this, some have a limit on the number of students they can accept. At Rhodes "space restrictions" currently apply to Economics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Environmental Science.

Warning: You cannot register for an Honours degree until you have qualified completely for an ordinary degree. There are no exceptions to this rule. So if you get to the end of third year, and are still missing your last credit like CHE 102 or ZOO 201 or whatever, you will not be accepted; you cannot be given permission to take the last outstanding credit at the same time.


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