The University has "Honours Scholarships" of 50% of the academic fee for students who obtain a First in their degree for the subject they wish to read for Honours. Such scholarships will normally also be given to students who get an Upper Second in this subject, provided they obtain a first in their other major.

There are also various other generous scholarships for students who have done very well. Some of these are limited to certain groups of students, and they may also be open for competition to applicants from other Universities. Prospective Honours students are strongly recommended to visit our friendly postgraduate scholarship administrator, John Gillam, in the Dean of Research's Division in the main administration block. John will indicate which scholarships are available, and how you apply for them.

Honours students are not allowed to take up full-time employment while engaged on the course. Frequently, however, they are employed as part-time tutors or demonstrators in the department of their choice, and the university has a "Graduate Bursar" scheme which encourages this. Graduate Bursaries in 2010 for Honours students were worth R7600. In return, a bursary holder is expected to tutor and/or mark for about 6 hours/week in term time. The effective rate of pay is higher than undergraduate tutors earn, and higher than postgraduates can earn if they do not hold such a bursary. Each department only has a limited number of these bursaries to award (they are also awarded to Master's and PhD students).

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