Honours here - or somewhere else?

You may have good reasons for applying to do Honours at some place other than Rhodes University. For example, the department of your choice may be oversubscribed, or you may find that you can get a scholarship for study at another university, or you may wish to move to a place that offers specialities that we do not offer here. Changing universities may be problematic, however - most honours programmes are based on the idea that the students taking them will have studied the first three years of the subject locally, and the curriculum will have been designed accordingly. If you move elsewhere you may find that you have gaps in your knowledge (though, hopefully, not in your ability), and compensating for these might be awkward, as might the change to a different social set up and/or circle of friends. A change to another university to take advantages of special programmes or supervisors is probably easier and more sensible at the Master's level.

Last Modified: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 15:12:06 SAST