Welcome to the Science faculty web site. These pages are specifically for those with an interest in finding out more about the undergraduate degrees and courses that we offer at Rhodes, and to help  you apply.  If you cannot find the information that you need, please contact the Dean or another member of staff and we will assist you.  Two important sites are the University Admissions Gateway and the Science Faculty Handbook which will provide all the information you need. For details about the academic departments, go to their own web sites using the links at the left of this page.

We offer four undergraduate degrees:
BSc: The ordinary first degree is taken over three years and the key feature of the BSc is its flexibility. Within the confines set by the timetable, it is possible for students to combine subjects in myriad ways to create curricula that meet their particular interests.  This flexibility includes allowing students to take a major subject from commerce, the humanities and law such that students can major in environmental science and anthropology, biochemistry and law or geology and economics.  As a Faculty, we appreciate the value that can be added by allowing students some flexibility when choosing their subjects. The BSc does not set out to educate or train a student for a particular career but rather allows for the construction of a knowledge and skills base that prepares a student for a wide range of possible careers or advanced study in their chosen subject. Emphasis is on discipline specific knowledge and skills as well as the cross cutting skills including experimental design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, and scientific communication, that form the essential base for research. The flexibility in curriculum design creates an opportunity for students to decide if they are attracted to transdisciplinary academic training and education.

BSc (Inf Sys) :  Theis degrees is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to combine computer science with some commerce subjects, and to apply their computing expertise in a commercial environment. The curriculum has little flexibility and combines commerce subjects, computer science and information systems. In first year, students take three commerce subjects (economics, accounting and management) with computer science and some maths and statistics. In the degrees, students take computer science and information systems in second year and computer science in third year. 

BScF: This is the Science Faculty FounIdation Programme (extended studies programme) which aims to give access to students whose educational, socio-economic or other experiences have not fully prepared them for university study.

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