Francois' Dancpieces


Francois’ Dancepieces

Francois le Roux has been collaborating with the First Physical Theatre Company since 2000. Francois, aka the HA!Man creates exquisite and ethereal original music. His improvised dancepieces are used to accompany First Physical and Rhodes University Drama Department training classes. The music on this CD incorporates cello, piano and voice recordings spontaneously recorded in the Rhodes Chapel Grahamstown.

Dance Cycle

Music for the soul by Leonhard Praeg

Dance Cycle

The music in dance cycle exemplifies Leonhard Praeg’s collaboration with the First Physical Theatre Company; he has created original music for the company since the magical beginnings in The Unspeakable Story (1995). Since his first collaboration, Leonhard Praeg’s passionate commitment to exploring new music styles for First Physical’s innovative vision has never faltered. Dance cycle includes extracts from The Unspeakable Story, The Passion of Judas (1997), woman gazing at old moon (1999).

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