At Rhodes we have abandoned old-fashioned approaches to History - see below for more information about courses on offer. We do NOT require you to rote-learn dry factual material. Rather do we stimulate you to think independently, imaginatively and critically.

History is not just about the past. History courses at Rhodes are designed to help you make sense of the world, the continent and the country that you are living in now - and to help you better understand yourself by examining some of the forces that have shaped your life.

The study of History pulls it all together and helps you place all other academic disciplines in context and perspective. Get the big picture.

The best employers out there want people who can think creatively, show initiative, investigate, analyse and interpret the world around them. It changes everyday, so you need to know how to keep fresh. History gives you those skills!

Look at the high continuation rates from past History 1 classes. Speak to students in History 2 and History 3 and ask them why they have chosen to continue.

Students should note that the History Department is semesterised. This means that students not majoring in History are eligible to register for any single course that particularly interests them, without having taken prerequisites.

It also means that first-year students who want to change their course in mid-year can register for History 102 in July without having taken History 101. (Please see calendar for further details.