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Research Areas and Superviors

  • Professor Baines - history of the eastern Cape, especially Port Elizabeth; SA urban history and culture; public history; the 'Border War'; the apocalyptic imagination; popular music.
  • Professor Wells — women's social and political history in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Africa generally; African colonial discourses; oral history; missionaries in the Eastern Cape; Grahamstown history; public history; traditional leadership, heritage practice and policy.
  • Dr Tsampiras - slavery (past and present); gender and violence; health, disease and society (particularly gender and HIV); global social justice.
  • Dr Kirkaldy - missionaries; precolonial South Africa; environmental history.
  • Dr Msindo - identity studies, information policy and media history, and social history of Africa. I am looking for serious students to undertake related research across Africa.
  • Dr Jagarnath - African intellectuality; modern South Asia.
  • Dr Mkhize – the land question; agrarian history.

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