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Research Areas

Research Areas and Superviors


No conferences are scheduled for 2012.

The fall of the Berlin wall signalled the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, as well the end of the Cold War. It also had an immediate impact on southern African where the Cubans withdrew from Angola, South Africa ended its occupation of Namibia, and a relatively peaceful domestic transition from apartheid to democracy was achieved.

Transnational and Interdisciplinary Perspectives Cold War Cultures: Interdisciplinary and Transnational Perspectives is a four-day conference at the University of Texas at Austin planned as the culmination of a series of events held in Fall, 2010, on the campus.

Masters research areas and supervisors

  • Professor Baines - history of the eastern Cape, especially Port Elizabeth; SA urban history and culture; public history; the 'Border War'; the apocalyptic imagination; popular music.
  • Professor Wells — women's social and political history in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Africa generally; African colonial discourses; oral history; missionaries in the Eastern Cape; Grahamstown history; public history; traditional leadership, heritage practice and policy.
  • Dr Tsampiras - slavery (past and present); gender and violence; health, disease and society (particularly gender and HIV); global social justice.
  • Dr Kirkaldy - missionaries; precolonial South Africa; environmental history.
  • Dr Msindo - identity studies, information policy and media history, and social history of Africa. I am looking for serious students to undertake related research across Africa.
  • Dr Jagarnath - African intellectuality; modern South Asia.
  • Dr Mkhize – the land question; agrarian history.

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