Personal Promotion

On an annual basis, academics can apply for personal promotion to a higher level post. Staff considering the submission of an application for promotion, are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with the Dean of the Faculty. In addition, CHERTL runs workshops, for staff considering applying for promotion. 

Dates for personal promotion: please refer to: and add the “Rhodes University HR Calendar - Processes and deadlines” to your calendars. Once in this calendar, type in “Personal Promotions” in the “Search” field and all the relevant dates will appear. Please note that in order for you to download this calendar you must have access to Google calendar.  If you are not currently a Google calendar user please contact IT at to set this up for you.

Personal Promotion is a developmental process and should not be a last minute decision. While the HR Division calls for applications in April/ May of each year, the compilation of evidence of teaching, required for the promotion application, takes time. Furthermore, discussions with the Dean may indicate areas in one's application that need attention. Academics are encouraged to work at least a year ahead of the intended submission in preparing their applications.

Information that you need for your applications includes:

Personal Promotion Policy and Procedure

Personal Promotion Guidelines

Assessment Criteria for Teaching Portfolios for Promotion

Criteria for Academics whose Primary Output is Theatre Performance Processes

Guide to the Development of a Teaching Portfolio

Personal Promotion Cover Application

Personal Promotion Dates for 2020


The following approval process is followed:

  1. Personal Promotion Committee makes a recommendation to Senate
  2. Senate makes a recommendation to Council
  3. Following approval by Council in November/ December of each year, you will receive a letter from HR confirming the promotion and the new remuneration level. Promotions are effective from 1 January of the following year.

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