Medical Aid

The University has an in-house medical aid scheme called RUMED, just for Rhodes staff, family and pensioners. This means that this is our medical aid scheme, managed by our staff together with the University management and currently chaired by Mrs Glyn Armstrong. RUMED is a full medical aid facility providing cover for day to day medical situations as well as hospitalisation. RUMED offers competitive benefits being offered at extremely favourable rates for its offerings. RUMED is a co-payment scheme as this encourages responsible use of the medical aid and allows for effective containment of costs. Benefits for RUMED are reviewed on an annual basis and staff are asked to give input into this process.

GAP cover is available to RUMED members, to assist in covering certain shortfalls.

Providence GAP 2017 Application

GAP Cover Brochure 2017

All staff are required to belong to a medical aid scheme as per the conditions of service. Staff do have a choice of membership of a medical aid. However, where staff choose to not belong to RUMED, proof of membership of another medical aid is required. Membership of RUMED, the University’s medical aid, is subsidised on a 50/50 basis for all permanent staff, irrespective of the number of dependants subject to scheme rules. Staff who joined Rhodes University before 1 July 1990 will continue to enjoy the subsidy after retirement. Rhodes does not contribute towards subscriptions of other medical aid schemes.

The RUMED website is

The HR Generalists assigned to the department in which you work are able to assist with general queries, but for claims, you will need to contact the RUMED office in Port Elizabeth on (041) 395 4476.

The Chair of RUMED, Mrs Glyn Armstrong can be contacted on x8325.

General Information

RUMED Benefits Guide 2017


Please note that the international Travel Insurance cover through RUMed terminated on 31 December 2012. Members are therefore advised to take out additional travel insurance through their travel agency.

Travelling outside Grahamstown

When travelling outside of the Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth area, it may be helpful to carry a copy of the letter from RU Med below to give to medical service providers. Since RU Med is an in-house medical aid, the medical aid may not be immediately recognised by the service provider.

RUMED Letter to Providers 2013

Membership Forms

RUMED Member Record - Amendment/ Dependant Registration

RUMED Request Membership Card

Additional Benefits

RUMED Chronic Medication Benefit Application

RUMED Ex Gratia Application

If you have any queries, please contact the HR Generalist for your Faculty.

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