This is an incomplete list of our past Masters students:

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  • Tim Richardson


  • Vusi Mthombeni
  • Michelle Kruger
  • Jessica Esobar-Porras
  • Bruce Donovan


  • Alistair Green
  • Bruce Ellender
  • Andrea Bernatzeder
  • Justin Kemp
  • Phanor Montoya-Maya
  • Graham Traas
  • Peter Watt-Pringle


  • Charlene Da Silva, Shark researcher, Marine and Coastal Management


  • Claire Kelly King, Travel gap year.
  • Kyle Smith, Research Officer Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science


  • Felicia Keulder, Research Scientist, Marine and Coastal Management.
  • Albert Esterhuizen, Lecturer, University of Namibia.


  • Garth Webb, Hydroponic farmer and eco-tour guide.


  • Gavin Johnson, Manager HIK Abalone Farm, Hermanus.

Before 2000

  • Abigail Irish, Cod hatchery manager, Aquascot, Ardtaraig, Scotland.
  • Adelle Hattingh, Hatchery Manager, West Coast Abalone.
  • Amanda Mac Phail, Database referencer, NISC Publishers.
  • Andrew Gordon, 1999, Research Officer, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University.
  • Anthony Pienaar, 1990, Missionary.
  • Brenton Maart, Art critic, journalist and publisher.
  • Brian Godfrey, Research Officer, Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes University.
  • Bruce Mann, Fisheries Scientist, Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban.
  • Collins Jambo, Senior Fisheries Officer, Malawi Fisheries Department.
  • Dakhsa Naran, mother and part-time research assistant, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.
  • Dave Japp, Managing Director, Fisheries Observer Company and Management Consultancy.
  • Dean Impson, 1988, Senior scientist, Western Cape Nature Conservation Department.
  • Dr Dave Kruger, 195, Veterinarian, New Zealand.
  • Dr Jerome Davis, Aquaculture Consultant, EnvirofishAfrica, Pty.Ltd.
  • Gary Lyon, Botanical Researcher, Wits University.
  • Giles Churchill, Tilapia Fish Farm Manager, Kwazulu-Natal.
  • Glen Sutton, fishery biologist, whereabouts unknown.
  • Graham Butler (deceased), 1980, senior computer programmer, New Zealand.
  • Hermien White, Pharmacist.
  • Imran Klotz, GIS specialist, Coastal and Environment Services.
  • Irene Naigaga, Lecturer, Department of Natural Resources, Makerere University.
  • Jackie Chisambo, Principal, Malawi Fisheries College.
  • Jens Knauer, 1994, Pearl Farm Manager, Bali.
  • Jerome Davis, 1996. Aquaculture consultant, EnvirofishAfrica (Pty.) Ltd.
  • John Clark, Teacher, Grey College, Port Elizabeth.
  • Judy Mann-Lang, Director, Ushaka Marine World, Durban.
  • Kathy Holden, 1991, Research Assistant, Guelph University, Canada.
  • Kevin Heasman, Aquaculture Scientist, Cawthron Institute, New Zealand.
  • Laurie Laurenson - Senior Lecturer Fisheries Science, Deakin University, Australia.
  • Len Olyott, Fisheries Research Scientist, Queensland Fisheries Department.
  • Lil Haigh, 1990, Retired. Formerly Research Officer, Institute for Water Research, Rhodes University.
  • Lucy Scott, GIS specialist and PhD student, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.
  • Lynton Burger, Environmental Consultant.
  • Mark Dixon, 1996, Fishery observer and ecotourism guide.
  • Mark Sampson, Sport events organizer, Southern Sun Group.
  • Mark Sampson, Sports Events Manager, Southern Sun Group.
  • Michelle Losseau-Hoebeke - Biology Tutor, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Mike Stobbart, 1992, Farmer, New Zealand.
  • Mikkel Christensen, 1981, Community Development and Livelihoods Specialist, Conservation International, Papua New Guinea.
  • Monica Mwale (PhD Rhodes), Aquatic Scientist, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.
  • Mophatt Manase, Fishery Manager, Malawi Fisheries Department.
  • Nic James, Ornamental Fish farmer.
  • Ntobeko Bacela, Director: Inshore Fisheries, Marine and Coastal Management, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.
  • Paul Vorwerk, PhD student.
  • Peter Thorpe, 1989, Wine farmer.
  • Peter White, Sports retailing executive.
  • Peter-Jan Sch?n, Fisheries Advisor, Ireland.
  • Pierre De Villiers, 1991, Assistant Director Research, Free State Nature Conservation.
  • Prof Kerry Naish (PhD Bangor), Fisheries Scientist, School of Fisheries, Washington.
  • Prof Peter Britz, Associate Prof and HOD, DIFS Rhodes University.
  • Prof. Tin Yam Chan (PhD, Paris University), 1987, Professor, National Taiwan Ocean University.
  • Qurban Rouhani, 1993, Manager, Rural Fisheries Programme, DIFS, Rhodes University.
  • Rex Quick, Environmental Consultant.
  • Roger Bills, Curator of Freshwater Fishes, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.
  • Rory Haschick, 1998, Fishery and aquaculture development officer, East Cape Development Corporation.
  • Russel Chalmers, Researcher, EnvirofishAfrica (Pty) Ltd.
  • Simon Burton, 1997, Managing Director, Knysna Oyster Company.
  • Sue Rennie, 1983, current position not known.
  • T. Mokitinyane, Fisheries Officer, Lesotho.
  • Tony McEwan, 1988, Aquarium Manager, Kuwait.
  • Tracey Fairweather, Oceanographer (fishery modeller), Marine and Coastal Management.
  • Tumi Tomason, Environmental Programme Manager, Icelandic Development Aid.
  • Wouter Hollerman, Director, Albany Museum, Grahamstown.
  • Wyand Uys, 1984, Adventure Tourism entrepreneur.

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