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Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Ichthyology

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The undergraduate Ichthyology course is a two year course, starting in the second year of the undergraduate degree, comprising Ichthyology II in second year, and Ichthyology III in third year.

To any student interested in Ichthyology 2 and Ichthyology 3 courses in the Science Faculty, this is what you will need to register for Ichthyology undergrad courses at Rhodes:

  • If you would like to register for Ichthyology 201 and 202 as credits, you can do so provided you have passed first year Zoology or similar (e.g. Cell 101, Zoo 102 or Bot 102).
  • If you would like to major in Ichthyology 3, you need to pass Zoology 1 (or equivalent) and Ichthyology 2. 
  • To major in Ichthyology you must also get Chemistry 1 (i.e. Chem 101 and 102) AND any two 6 months semester credits in either Computer Science OR Mathematics OR Statistics OR Theory of Finance OR any combination of these (with the exception of the literacy course CSC 1L; See Rule S.23). Note these are all “co-requisites” which means you need the credit to graduate; but you can be registered simultaneously while being registered for Ichthyology 3.

Please see the Rhodes Calendar (pg 234) for details or contact us at the DIFS [difs@ru.ac.za] or contact the Dean of Science.

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