Professor Greg Foster


MSc, PhD(Rhodes)

Associate Professor
IS M&D Co-ordinator

Tel: 046 603 8437

I head the User Experience (UX) research group within the Department of Information Systems at Rhodes University which has interest areas in:

  • UX design for Mobile Applications
  • UX design for Internet of Things
  • UX design for Augmented Reality
  • UX design for In-Vehicle Information Systems
  • UX design for Web Applications

In addition, this research group has a special interest group in UX for Health Information Technology (UX4HIT) that focuses on the following areas:

  • UX design for mHealth technologies
  • UX design for consumer health technologies
  • Usability of Health IT applications (e.g. EHRs, PHRs etc)
  • Visualisation of health information

Please contact me for further information. The application procedure for postgraduate studies is available here.

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