Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

The Department offers a two-year major in Information Systems, as well as a full postgraduate programme that includes Honours, Masters and Doctoral studies. At the third year level, students gain valuable experience through the joint development of a general system.

Information Systems II (IS201, IS202 and IS203)

ISII is the first course offered in the Information Systems Department (the Department does not currently offer an Information Systems I course), and provides students with a thorough theoretical and practical grounding to both the discipline as a whole and to Information Systems per se. ISII caters for students wishing to study Information Systems as part of an Information Systems Professional (IS201 & IS202) or Accounting Professional (IS201 & IS203) career plan by streaming in the 2nd semester.

Information Systems III (IS301 and IS302)

ISIII focuses primarily on planning, designing, developing and implementing Information Systems, equipping students for entry to the Information Systems profession or preparation for the Information Systems Honours.

Postgraduate Studies

Information Systems Honours

The Honours course is a one-year, full-time programme and consists of a coursework component and a project component. Students may also register for joint Honours in which the Honoursí programmes of two departments, for example, Information Systems and Management are taken 50%:50% or 60%:40% with some coursework and some project components selected from both departments.

Information Systems Masters and Doctoral

Suitably qualified students are encouraged to proceed to the research degrees of MCom and PhD (in Commerce) under the supervision of staff in the Department.

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