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IS Honours

Course Manager: Dr Monelo Nxozi

This course introduces students to research and advances students in the study of Information Systems and their development, providing a controlled maturing ground for students in preparation for the Information Systems profession and further research. A selection of IS topics are explored in depth via coursework as well as a project. It is offered on a full-time basis, or part-time over two years.

The IS Honours course addresses the following objectives:

•    Introduce students to research in the field of Information Systems and contribute to the research effort of the Department
•    Advance study in Information Systems
•    Advance progressive application of Information Systems knowledge
•    Prepare students for future positions of leadership in Information Systems
•    Facilitate the development of professional communications

The Honours course takes one year to complete and consists of three major components:

•    Research Project
•    A selection of Course Modules

The course comprises a selection of the following modules:

•    Research Methodology
•    IT Business Consulting
•    Business Data Analytics
•    Information Security
•    IS Management

Prerequisistes: IS III (IS301 and IS302)

Students are requested to complete a Rhodes Application form in order to register. The Rhodes forms are available at http://www.ru.ac.za/postgraduategateway/honours/. Selection is based on achievements in undergraduate courses. There are limited places available on the Honours programme.

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