Application Process

Please note that the Registrar’s Division handles all enquiries from degree-seeking international students at Rhodes, except for enquiries pertaining to visa issues and the medical aid requirements.

Rhodes University has Exchange and Study Abroad agreements with a number of universities and colleges around the world. Please check with your institution’s international office to see if your institution has an agreement with us.

If Your Institution Does Not Have An Agreement with Rhodes:

Rhodes University gives priority to students from Universities and Colleges with which we have an agreement. While it is possible to come to Rhodes University as a Study Abroad student without such an agreement, we cannot guarantee that an application from an independent student will be considered until all our partner institutions have submitted their applications. If you are interested in coming to Rhodes as an independent Study Abroad Student, please email

How to apply:

Step 1: Speak to the international office at your home institution.

Step 2: Once your home institution has determined that Rhodes is a suitable receiving institution for you, they will nominate you to the Rhodes International Office.

Step 3: Upon a successful nomination, the Rhodes International Office will send you the application materials.

Step 4: Research courses at Rhodes

Step 5: Submit your completed application to Rhodes International Office via e-mail and send a hardcopy by 15 March for the February –June Semester and 15 October for the July- November semester.

Step 6: If your application has been successful, the Rhodes International Office will send you an Acceptance Letter. Fill in and return the Acceptance of Offer and the Transport Request Form by the stipulated date.

Step 7: Get a South African Study Visa and medical aid and book flights to Port Elizabeth International Airport.

Visa Information:

South African Study Visas are granted for the period stated on your Acceptance Letter. If you would like to take some time to travel in South Africa, please be sure to apply for extra time when submitting your visa application in your home country. You cannot apply for a tourist visa or a visa extension once you are in South Africa.

Please liaise directly with the South African Embassy in your region to find out what exactly you need for your application. Our Visa Enquiries website contains general information about the visa application process but information from the South African Embassy in your region should be taken as authoritative.

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