IWR Collaboration in project: ‘Open Online Course: Design for Inclusive and Adaptive Delta Management’

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Open Online Course: Design for Inclusive and Adaptive Delta Management
Open Online Course: Design for Inclusive and Adaptive Delta Management

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Engineering: Building with Nature was developed in 2016 on the international EdX platform and has run successfully three times reaching over 17 000 participants in 168 countries and is available for student credits at several international universities. Following on from the success of this course, the collaboration DIADem is an initiative to co-produce a MOOC that develops capacity in the area of integrated coastal management, adaptive delta management and also includes planning for integrated and sustainable ports.  It is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research under the call, ‘Connecting Worlds of Knowledge 2019’ and focuses on a stakeholder-inclusive and ecosystem based approach. It includes theory as well as international case studies. DIADeM is under the leadership of Professor Kwasi Appeaning Addo of the University of Ghana, in collaboration with Professor Jill Slinger of Delft University of Technology and Rhodes University Visiting Professor and Professor Tiedo Vellinga of Delft University of Technology. 

During the visit to Delft in January four video clips were created and filmed:

  • Do you want to make a difference? Diverse ways of co-creating knowledge;
  • The value of working with stakeholders, co-creation and co-learning;
  • Principles for the process of engagement;
  • Inspirational words from Prof Palmer about benefits of working in a transdisciplinary way.

These four video clips drew on experiences and examples from past and present research projects the IWR has been involved in. 

The online and blended learning materials produced can be accessed by students, practitioners, professionals and policy makers to strengthen and build capacities.  Open access online materials shared through platforms like EdX can be used in on-campus university courses by interested lecturers.  MOOC materials will be used in MSc courses in Water Research and Environmental Science and as coordinator of the Water Centre of Excellence, the IWR will promote the course amongst the African Research Universities Alliance.

To register for the MOOC, “Engineering: Building with Nature, Learn how to use ecological and engineering design principles to develop more effective and sustainable hydraulic infrastructure” go to  (https://www.edx.org/course/engineering-building-with-nature).  The course begins on 11 February 2020  and runs for 5 weeks.  It is free of charge.

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Source:  Dr A.Copteros