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How to Handbooks

Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has largely failed in South Africa since it was first embedded in law (National Water Act (NWA), No 36 of 1998) and policy (the first democratic National Water Policy, 1997). It is most specifically the practice of integration that is so difficult. We still work persistently in silos. The core goals for IWRM in South Africa, stated in the NWA, of equity, sustainability and efficient use, have therefore frequently not been met.

 However, since the 1990’s, a literature emerged, that indicated practical integration, and progress towards the core goals could be achieved using a set of “new” concepts. This set of concepts was sufficiently different from the traditional linear and top-down approach to IWRM, to be called “a new paradigm” for IWRM by the WRC. Early WRC research and practice in the South African National Parks and the Inkomati-Usuthu Catchment Management Agency was promising and guided this project. We call this “new  paradigm” Adaptive IWRM (A-IWRM).

 Below are nine How to Handbooks to support the practise of A-IWRM.

  1. How_to_THINK
  2. Some_for_All_forever
  3. How_to.CMF
  4. How_to_WQWQ
  5. How_to_WSS
  6. How_to_Green_Drop
  7. How_to_Coal
  8. How_to_SAM
  9. How to EWQ

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